Marshall + Kelsey | Knoxville Zoo Wedding

June 29, 2016  •  2 Comments

It is finally time to share this amazing Knoxville Zoo wedding! From the beautiful assortment of blue dresses to the fun music by DJ Ray Adelman and the ABSOLUTELY fabulous "naked" cake by Maggie Fleming this wedding was one to be remembered! 

When Marshall and Kelsey first met with us we knew we had hit jackpot because not only are they the coolest, most laid back, fun loving couple you will ever meet, but they set their venue for the ZOO! Seriously, how could this be?! Everything we had hoped for and more came true with this zoo wedding and we can NOT wait to show you all about it through our lens. 

Thanks to Marshall and Kelsey, along with both of your families, for trusting in us to document this day for you. You have been an absolute blessing to work with and we can't wait to see what the future holds for the both of you!


It was such a pleasure working with:

Venue: Knoxville Zoo

DJ - DJ Ray Adelman 

Florist - H&H Botanicals // Liz Horton 

Catering - Simply Southern Catering

Hair - Claudia Moore 

Make-Up - Rachel Terrier (Stunning by Rachel)



A&M Cunningham Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography in the middle and east Tennessee areas. Email for booking inquiries.



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Gorgeous photographs celebrating an amazing event.
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