A&M Cunningham Photography | Max + Christine | Reserve at Bluebird Hill Wedding

Max + Christine | Reserve at Bluebird Hill Wedding

September 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

You are going to swoon over this June wedding at the Reserve at Bluebird Hill. This Knoxville wedding venue has quickly become one of our favorite locations to photograph weddings at, and when you see how gorgeous Max and Christine’s special day was, you will know exactly what we mean!

Christine discovered Alison with A&M at the August Bridal Show at the Reserve at Bluebird Hill and the two of them quickly knew they were going to make a good team. You may remember the engagement session that we did for Max and Christine at Spouts Springs Vineyard. See here: (http://www.amcunningham.com/blog/2015/10/max-christine-engagement-session-spouts-springs-vineyard)


If you know A&M at all, we don’t like to use words to describe these amazing weddings we are capturing, we like to just show you through our photos so whether you are one of their friends or family members getting to re-live the day, or a potential bride to A&M we hope you enjoy looking at this beautiful day through the lens of A&M and get all the same feels we did when Max and Christine said I do on June 17th, 2016.  

We are so grateful we could be apart of this engagement story and that we have meet new friends to share life with! We can’t wait to see what is next for these two. Thank you so much to Max, Christine, and their families for choosing A&M!

Scroll through the photos and at the bottom you will see a list of some amazing vendors we were able to work with!




Ceremony Venue: St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Reserve at Bluebird Hill

Dress Store: Wedding Wonderland

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: White Lace and Promises 

Groom 's Attire: Custom Calvin Klein

Florist: Melissa Timm Designs

Band: The Burnin Hermans

Caterer: Chef Tony with First Fruits Catering

Cake: Chef Tony with First Fruits Catering

Hair: Hali Leffler with Salon Biyoshi

Makeup: Autumn Bible with Bat N’ Rouge Beauty

Bartender: Red Man Group


A&M Cunningham Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography in the middle and east Tennessee areas. Email alison@amcunningham.com for booking inquiries.


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